Unstraight: Shades of Pride

La Fe Hotel and Arts is proudly hosting the exhibition Unstraight: Shades of Pride from May 18 to September 15, 2019. Launched during Guadalajara’s annual LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations, Unstraight features 33 works by 12 artists who belong to Guadalajara’s LGBTQ+ community.

Through various visual media (including painting, drawing, illustration, photography, and sculpture), these works represent the diversity, pride, and courage that characterizes this vibrant community. Through the use of bold colours and interesting compositions, the artists offer unique points of view that challenge stigmatization, pursue liberty, and question the very notion of “normalcy.”

See our full list of the artworks included in the Unstraight: Shades of Pride exhibition.

The Artists:

Cornelius Abdon
Roy Araiza
Aurora Gisela Ávila Hernández
Iván Barrera
Michelle García
Salvador Origel Gómez
Julio Arad Gómez Medina
Ricardo Gutierrez
Daniel McGrath
Lola Pelayo
Valeria Sánchez
Daniel Sanders


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