Fantastic Lands and Worlds – Art Exhibition at La Fe Hotel and Arts

This art exhibition at La Fe Hotel and arts showcases artworks created by the artist in the past four years, exploring diverse techniques and themes regarding the commonalities between micro- and macrocosmos.

Please visit the gallery or contact us for details about the dimensions and price of each piece.


Roberto Morleghem Rogers. 1977.

Painter born and settled in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Involved in the visual arts since the late 90’s, Morleghem is one of the pillars of

Roberto Morleghem Rogers –

young tapatío art, known for his handling of radiant colors that travel from the earth to the cosmos in a way that is closely aligned with natural magic. Morleghem has been involved in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, and is currently painting a 900 square meter warehouse that will serve as a site for sports and recreation as well as musical events.




Gallery of Work on Display