Mexican Women: Strength and Fragility

The exhibition “Mexican Women: Strength and Fragility” (on until February 28, 2019) features 39 works by 18 female artists from diverse regions of Mexico. Through painting, drawing, illustration, and photography, these artists offer their unique perspectives on what it means to be female in modern Mexico. In these works, we see a juxtaposition of themes of empowerment, strength, passion, spirituality, and sensuality alongside issues of vulnerability, loneliness, conflict, and ongoing struggles against maltreatment. Unifying these multiple perspectives is a powerful creative spirit that exists in the hearts of all our nation’s women.

Opening reception Saturday, November 17, 2018, 7:00-10:00 p.m. See all details on our Facebook event page here.

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The exhibition features works by these amazing artists:

Natalia Zanini

Carmen Parada

Rosana Zuber

Nitzaye Ruiz

Alejandra Rodiles

Nadia Davila Arrendondo

Lola Pelayo

Natalia Faz Esparza

Pia Malinali Rivera

Sandra Ezquivel

Nora Maciel

Cecilia Alejandra Mercado Ibarra

Estefania Hernández Padilla

Ana Luisa Soto Abitia

Carla Ileana Meeser Sadde

María Gabriela Castañón

Angelica Hasen

Mariana Madrigal