Jorge Morán – Kupxku’s Trip

Biography – JORGE MORÁN

La Fe Hotel and Arts is very proud to host Jorge Morán’s Art Exhibition “Kupxku’s Trip”!  Jorge Morán was born in Zamora, Michoacán and grew up in the small town of Chavinda. From a young age, he was inclined toward art, and took his first course at age 11 in his hometown of the artist María Maciel. He studied graphic design in Zamora, and later moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco to continue with his studies, where he enriched his skills in the techniques of illustration and creative development. 

However, he redirected his focus for a time, dedicating himself fully to the kitchen. He studied gastronomy and then moved to Playa del Carmen at the age of 26 to study restaurant business. A year later he returned to Zamora where he started a small restaurant.

Jorge Morán's Art Exhibition - Kupxku’s Trip

Returning to Art

Morán returned to art and made it his way of life, starting with small illustrations and commissions for friends. In this period he met a group of artists, including master Benjamín Arroyo, a plastic artist from Zamora.  They ended up working on several projects together. One of these was the international horror and science fiction film festival, FERATUM. He also participated as a member of the Association of Artists and Craftsmen of Michoacán, ARARTE, and also exhibitions in small cafes. He began to take some of his work to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, where he met the artist Juan Luis, who went on to become a close friend and mentor.

In a moment of uncertainty, demotivation and feeling very out of place, Morán decided to take a short trip to Tijuana, which changed everything. This gave him the opportunity to restructure and heal himself, and leave him ready for the next stage of his life. 

Morán returned to Guadalajara in 2017, pursuing his careers as a chef and artist. In the past year, he has had his first individual exhibition in Guadalajara and has also met the art promoter Bernardo Escobosa.  Escobosa invited him to be part of a study team, sharing a space of work with great artists where, he continues to produce and develop artistically.

Jorge Morán’s Art Exhibition – Kupxku’s Trip

Jorge Morán’s Art Exhibition, “Kupxku’s Trip” is based on an alien named Kupxku, who is a traveler of time and space, spending his days roaming worlds and galaxies, visiting the most remote stars. He’s one of those travellers who takes his backpack and most importantly his camera on all his journeys. Kupxku is a very peculiar alien who wears jeans, listens to David Bowie, and doesn’t eat humans.

Each one of the artworks is a photo that Kupxku took with his camera during his various trips through space. He is by no means a professional photographer, but certainly a very passionate one. He tries to capture the cosmos in all its splendor so that we, who live on earth, can glimpse just a little bit of what lies beyond our planet.