Guadalajara is Reopening!

Guadalajara is Reopening!

The most popular historic sites, activities, and tourist attractions are now ready to greet you


UPDATE 13/11/2020: The temporary restrictions on some activities since October 30 have been ended by the government of the State of Jalisco. Activities in Guadalajara and throughout Jalisco are again occurring as described below. We hope to see you soon!


With everyone excited to start travelling again, many of you want to visit Guadalajara again or for the first time. We are ready to host you at La Fe Hotel and Arts!

After so many months of uncertainties about the COVID-19 pandemic, we are getting a lot of questions about what activities are open now in Guadalajara. We have good news – you will have a lot to do when you visit!

Plaza de la Liberación y Catedral de Guadalajara

After the lockdowns, Guadalajara first began to carefully reopen business and travel activities in June. Now, as a result of current data showing that hospital occupancy and positive COVID-19 testing numbers are low, the city is further expanding its economic reactivation. Since September 1, the following reactivations have taken place:

  • Museums and galleries can be open regular hours.
  • Restaurants can be open until midnight daily.
  • All shops and shopping centres can be open every day of the week.
  • Tianguis street markets continue to operate with health controls at entrances.
  • Theatres and circuses can operate with audiences up to 25% of capacity.
  • Sports centres can open with a maximum of 30% of their capacity.
  • Hotels and motels, first allowed to re-open in June, can continue to operate up to 50% capacity.

All businesses and services are required to maintain health controls at entrances and restrict the number of customers inside at any given time. Government inspectors will be conducting routine surveillance and inspections to ensure businesses are properly following the protocols. In addition, everyone is required to wear a face mask or face covering when in public in Guadalajara and throughout the state of Jalisco.

Cactus view at a vivero nursery near Ajijic on Lake Chapala

At La Fe Hotel and Arts, we are following all government-required health protocols, and we are taking additional measures to ensure the health of our guests. Remember, we are a very small property with only 7 guest rooms, so your interactions with other guests and our small staff will be minimal. Read more about our cleaning and health protocols in our recent blog post.

Guadalajara is a beautiful city, and there are so many amazing historic sites to see and things to do here (like Templo Expiatorio) and in our adjoining cities of Tlaquepaque and Zapopan. As always, we can also arrange tours for you to visit beautiful locations outside of the city, including the town of Tequila, Ajijic on Lake Chapala, and more. Check out American Airlines’ Guadalajara City Guide for inspiration!

We look forward to hosting you in La Fe Hotel and Arts! Get the best rate by booking directly on our website or contacting us directly by email (, social media, or WhatsApp at +52 33 2254 8714.

And if you have any questions about Guadalajara activities, local health protocols, or our hotel, please contact us!

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  • Featured image of a recent art exhibition by Museo Tamayo in Centro Comercial Plaza Patria
  • All photos copyright La Fe Hotel and Arts 2020

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