The BEINGS Exhibition (January 12-May 1, 2020) in the Gallery at La Fe Hotel and Arts includes many diverse works by four talented artists. 

Toronto, Canada
Instagram: @fashionstudiomagazine

A fashion and travel journalist, photographer, and founder of Fashion Studio Magazine and Travelling In Style, Eva Fydrych’s favourite way to tell stories is on canvas with paint. Her work explores universal themes such as beauty, femininity, joy, happiness, dreams, desires, and the power of emotions.

Self-taught in her practice, painting began as an experiment that quickly evolved into a full-scale passion project and a new direction in Eva’s career. Her fashion portraits feature imaginary people and showcase a perfect reality where anything is possible. Her paintings are positive, bold, and full of vivid colours. Each one evokes happiness, energy, and fearlessness, reminding us that we should all use the power of imagination in our daily life. Eva’s inspiration comes from the fashion and beauty industry, various cultures around the world, and extensive independent travelling around Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.


Guadalajara, Jalisco
Instagram: @7hector7galeano7

Héctor Galeano is a Mexican painter based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. 

Héctor’s art features a unique view of the world where magical realism, vivid colors, and an emphasis on environmentalism take center stage.

His bold vision, unlimited imagination and courage to question social norms and standards combined with extensive knowledge and spotless painting technique, make him one of the most interesting contemporary artists in Mexico.

Héctor’s art has been exhibited in Guadalajara and New York City.


Guadalajara, Jalisco
Instagram: @gibranjulian

Gibran Julian is a Guadalajara-based illustrator, muralist and multipurpose visual artist. He studied at ITESO (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente) in Guadalajara and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland.

Gibran is mainly influenced by traditional hand-drawn techniques and inspired by Mexican humor and creativity. Driven by nature, he explores movement, vegetation, human and animal body language in a mystical and delicate form.

Through Gibravo Studio, Gibran dives into visual art for both commercial and cultural artistic projects. Also immersed in muralism, he has created indoor and outdoor atmospheres for both commercial and residential spaces locally and abroad.


Guadalajara, Jalisco
Instagram: @danielpintart

Art found in Daniel Rodríguez a vast instrument in expression, humility and optimism, emerging from a young age with his creativity in drawing.  Later, during his university life guided by Master Daniel Águila, he began his career in painting.

In Daniel’s work we can appreciate the norm that happens to life itself: everything is movement. His realistic and figurative expression exalts mostly the human figure, nature and living beings, embodied in numerous techniques, such as watercolor, acquired thanks to Master Luis Eduardo González, whom he considers one of his main influences.

Daniel has also diversified his passion for art in sculpture, music and the world of coffee, making them live daily in a place called CUP Café in Guadalajara, which he has been running since 2011, and which works as an art workshop and meeting point for expanding minds.

Visit our BEINGS Exhibition page for details about the exhibition including a list of all available works and a link to a video with the artists’ interviews.


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